Datlabs rescues data from all faulty Hard Disk Drives, RAID Systems, Solid State Devices and  NAS Systems. We have invested in customer service and technical support infrastructure, data recovery workshops, tools, test gear and in qualified personnel in order to establish and maintain a professional data recovery service capability across all hard drive and equipment manufacturer types. Link through above for more detail concerning your data recovery issue.

Data Recovery Services

The term “data recovery” refers to the process of  retrieving stored but inaccessible data from faulty computer systems, communications equipment and data storage devices such as hard disk drives, servers and mobile phones. This generally involves restoring functionality to the failed device and/or system by implementing an expedient or temporary repair. Once the device or system is operational then the blocks of stored raw data are read then  transferred and re-written to a stable and secure offline data storage facility. Here further work is carried out to verify and restore data structures and integrity. Finally the data is tested using native application software, a fee is paid for the service and the data is returned to its owner. You will find  answers to most common data recovery questions here.

Data Recovery Solutions

Here at Datlabs we have participated in government funded data recovery R&D projects that have facilitited an exceptional knowledge and expertise in computer hard disk drive digital storage, multi disk (RAID) computer systems and flash memory technology. All of which is fundamental to the reverse engineering (temporary repair) of faulty hard drives, digital storage media, mobile phone, computer systems and software, essential to maintaining our Data Recovery capabilities that are the envy of the industry.

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