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Desktop Data Recovery
3.5″ desktop hard disk drive recovery
Desktop Drive Data Recovery

Laptop Data Recovery
2.5" laptop hard disk drive recovery
Laptop Drive Data Recovery
RAID Data Recovery
RAID system recovery
Emergency recovery on 0, 1, 5 & 10 RAID Systems

External Data Recovery
External hard disk drive data recovery
External hard disk data recovery

NAS Data Recovery
USB data recovery
Data Recovery from NAS Servers

WD Data Recovery
USB data recovery
Data Recovery from Western Digital products

Seagate Data Recovery
USB data recovery
Data Recovery from Seagate products

EVault Services
Solid state drive data recovery
EVault services and solutions



Hard Drive Data Recovery.

Datlabs repair, rebuild and recover data from any make and model of faulty hard drive. Our trained technicians can recover lost data, files, folders, pics and return them to you on a new external hard drive.We provide a free evaluation and UK wide courier collect service from your home or office.

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NO FIX NO FEE Data Recovery


We deliver data recovery success rates second to non!


Faulty Hard Drives.

Datlabs maintains clean air and ESD compliant workshops essential to an effective data recovery service. We are the data recovery industry experts in the diagnosis, repair and rebuild of Not Recognised and clicking Seagate and Western Digital hard drives.


"If you have a faulty Western Digital or Seagate hard disk drive

Datlabs has seen them over a thousand times before."


RAID Rebuild and Recovery.

We repair corrupt File Systems, Windows, Windows Server, Linux, MAC, Novell, Guardian, SNAP OS and UNIX.. If your RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, NAS is failing to boot-up, failing to rebuild or just "hangs" then we can help get your system running again and provide access to your data , files and folders. When it comes to RAID server recovery we are the recognised experts in dealing with failed and crashed Compaq, HP, Dell, Fujitsu, IBM, Sun and all other makes of server.

Datlabs Repair Shops and Offices.

Datlabs have local offices and partner pc repair shops throughout the UK, providing friendly fast and efficient services to our customers. Over our twelve year history we have made investments in facilities and technical solutions that allow us to repair, rebuild and recover data from damaged and failed hard disk drives. We have professional, proficient and qualified staff available 24x7 to respond in any emergency or critical situation. With Datlabs you get the best possible opportunity of recovering your deleted, lost or inaccessible data. We can also recover data from ALL makes of  faulty  SSD


Datlabs Recovery Service.

laptop hard disk drive



Following your intial call to our data recovery services help line, our staff will normally send to you an email quotation that includes an estimate of time and cost for the work involved in attempting to recover the data you require from your faulty hard drive or data storage device. Having considered the quotation and read our terms and condition of service and you now wish to proceed on this basis then please contact our customer services department who will be happy to describe your choice of service in more detail.



Given your agreement to proceed against the quotation , we will arrange for a courier to collect your faulty hard disk or system and deliver it to our clean air laboratory and ESD compliant workshops. Alternatively you can make a prior appointment to drop-off at one of our city centre local offices.

Before our courier arrives or you drop off, you MUST :-

    • Consider the value of your inaccessible data .
    • Pack your system or hard drive robustly.
    • Arrange shipping insurance where appropriate.
    • Make arrangements for our courier to be able to collect.

Once your hard disk or system is received by our customer services staff, it is unpacked and booked into our job tracking system and then passed to our technical engineers for processing.

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To ensure the best possibilities of a successful data recovery our technicians carry out a formal set of auditable procedures:


Hard Drive Fault Finding.


  • Microscopic recording media inspection for damage.
  • Electrical inspection: motor, servo, interfaces, and PCB components
  • Read /Write recording head assembly tests.

At this stage we will email to you a report showing the type of repair needed and where necessary the components required, to restore your hard disk or system to a working condition. We also estimate the cost of the recovery and the timescales involved.


Sample Datlabs Diagnostic Report


Subject to your agreement to proceed i.e. you send an email and/or provide a verbal "go-ahead" Our technicians will typically undertake the following work on any individual data volume or hard disk drive in order to recover your data:

Electronic, microcode checks:

hard disk drives

    • Electronic functionality checks.
    • Faulty components repaired,
    • Firmware upgraded, disk media re-mapped.

Read/Write functions:

  • Magnetic media inspection.
  • Read/Write head operation checks.
  • Calibration and alignment checks.

Any replacement mechanical parts are sourced from stock or from our suppliers. Once these parts are in hand the hard disk drive is repaired, contamination removed, head assembly re-aligned and the device is re-assembled.

Occasionally it is necessary to re-locate the magnetic storage disk platters to another identical hard disk drive assembly and rebuild the hard disk drive from scratch.

Restoring your hard drive to a working condition is the first and usually the most difficult task we face. Our technicians will then remap the permenant and grown defect listsand repair file system or partition structures.

Customer Testimonials:

“The customer service staff were very helpful and extremely professional, they talked me through the data recovery process, and gave me practical advice on hard disk drives.”

Chris Holly, Bristol

“We thought we had lost our wedding and family photographs forever, but we gave it to DATLABS to see what they could do and thankfully they retrieved everything including my tax returns !”

Mr Jackson, Essex

Data Recovery and Transfer:

Once our technicians have restored operational functionality to your hard disk or stoarge system they will then proceed to extract your available data and transfer it to our secure offline server using propriety applications.

The transfer data stream is checked for parity errors and any bad sectors will have CRC codes rectified. The data and file lists will then be securely stored on our servers.

Returning your Data:

The quality of the extracted data is manually checked by our data recovery technicians. Once the data has been validated we will send you an email file list for you to check. Once you are satisfied with the content we will transfer your data to an external hard disk drive or equivalent storage media ready for transport or collection.

Datlabs will retain a copy of your recovered data for upto 14 days just in case there is a problem with the data we returned to you. For your own security and peace of mind all copies of any data stored on the hard disk are securely erased. Read More...


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