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Desktop Data Recovery
3.5″ desktop hard disk drive recovery
Desktop Drive Data Recovery

Laptop Data Recovery
2.5" laptop hard disk drive recovery
Laptop Drive Data Recovery
RAID Data Recovery
RAID system recovery
Emergency recovery on 0, 1, 5 & 10 RAID Systems

External Data Recovery
External hard disk drive data recovery
External hard disk data recovery

NAS Data Recovery
USB data recovery
Data Recovery from NAS Servers

WD Data Recovery
USB data recovery
Data Recovery from Western Digital products

Seagate Data Recovery
USB data recovery
Data Recovery from Seagate products

EVault Services
Solid state drive data recovery
EVault services and solutions



Data Recovery.

Datlabs data recovery services successfully recover inaccessible, lost and deleted files and folders from faulty computer hard drives and RAID systems. Datlabs technicians resolve hardware, firmware and mechanical problems affecting hard disk drives, external hard drives, laptop hard drives, SSD's, RAID, Server and NAS systems. We recover data from mobile phones and tablets : Mobile Phone and Tablet Recovery Services,


If you require immediate assistance then:-

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 London Data Recovery,   Birmingham Data Recovery,   Manchester Data Recovery

 Liverpool Data Recovery,   Leeds Data Recovery,   Glasgow Data Recovery.

or one of our Computer Repair shops.


"If you have a faulty Western Digital Hard Drive or Seagate Hard Drive

we have seen them over a thousand times before ! "


We maintain the highest data recovery success rates in the industry. Our data recovery services are competitively priced, friendly, efficient and effective.



Data Recovery Service Summary:

  • Local Area Offices.
  • 24x7 Telephone Help Line.
  • Emergency and Budget service options.
  • On-site & Remote support.
  • Qualified and Experienced Technicians.
  • Same day courier .
  • Immediate Diagnosis.
  • Friendly and Efficient Customer Service.
  • Clean Air Laboratory.
  • ESD compliant anti-static workshop.
  • Data Quality Checks.
  • Choice of Return media.
  • File listings.
  • After-Sales technical support.

Data Recovery Call Back

Datlabs Data Recovery Services.

At Datlabs we understand the value of your data and appreciate the sensitivities involved when it becomes inaccessible. You can trust Datlabs to accurately diagnose your failure condition, find a solution and recover data from your failed hard drive or RAID configured system.

When you contact our technical help line your fault symptoms will be assessed and cost and timescale estimates for engaging our services will then be provided via email. If you then wish to proceed further we will arrange a courier collection service on your behalf or you can drop your hard disk drives off at one of our local office or shop outlets throughout the UK.

Once your hard drive and/or server system is received at our labs, it will be recorded and booked into our secure offline customer data base. Your diagnosis work will then be scheduled and attended to by our qualified and experienced technicians. Once completed, our charges for remedial work and a time estimate for the recovery and return of your files, folders and data will then be sent to your nominated email address for your consideration.

Given your agreement to proceed, our technicians will then carry out the work involved in attempting to recover your data. If successful they will subsequently provide a file listing of the available recovered data. Once you are happy with the file listings you will need to pay our service charges. Once funds have been cleared we will transfer the files to your chosen device, such as a working external hard drive, and dispatch this to you by courier. There are chargeable options for secure encryption of your data in transit.

Datlabs provide competitively priced, no-nonsense services to suit your needs and budget, and our customer service team will keep you updated throughout the data recovery process.

Datlabs Technicians are available on call out in the event of a business emergency, offering 24 x 7 on-site disaster recovery support for businesses hit by data loss and unwanted downtime.


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Data Recovery from Failed Hard Drives.

Datlabs is a long established and successful supplier of hard drive data recovery services. In business for over 12 years our hard drive rebuild and data recovery service is used by individuals and businesses with damaged or faulty hard disk drive storage devices. We successfully recover data from failed hard drives that have been installed in desktop PCs, laptops, notebooks and external hard drive enclosures. We recover data that has become inaccessible from these devices with a better than 80% success rate from the two major world manufacturers of hard drives, Western Digital and Seagate. RAID configured hard drive recovery work is a specialiaty.

Hard drives affected by a mechanical failure will undergo a full strip down and drive rebuild in our certified clean air laboratories. Once the device is fully functional your data is recovered to our offline servers where it is checked and verified before it is returned to you.

Data Recovery from Failed RAID Arrays.

We are fully proficient in all aspects of RAID data recovery work. We have experienced and qualified staff able to successfully carry out RAID data recovery, file recovery and data base recovery for organisations experiencing server problems. We specialise in multi drive RAID Server data recovery work, rebuilding and restoring RAID configuration and file systems. RAID Server data recovery is an exhaustive and complex task that needs to be undetaken by experienced individuals familiar with the technology and who understand the value of your data to you and your organisation.

We have successfully implemented RAID server data recovery following natural disasters such as fires and floods, as well as providing solutions to every day problems such as lost passwords, viruses, corrupt file systems and configuration structures.

We are proficient in most of the common system types in general use, as an example:-

Operating Systems:- Windows, Mac, XFS, Linux, Unix.
File Systems:- FAT, NTFS, HFS, Ext 2, Ext 3, Ext 4, XFS, JFS, VMS, ZFS.
Computers :- Mac, Toshiba , ASUS, Dell, HP, IBM, Supermicro, SNAP Servers..

Server and RAID Systems:

Dell :- Rack Servers, Power Servers, Blade and Power Edge hardware.
HP :- 3000, 9000, Net Server, Integrity, Blade, Non Stop, Proliant and Carrier Grade.
IBM :- Pure, Power System z, System x, Blade, Unix etc.


Quality of Service.

When you notify us that you are satisfied with our quotation we will immediately send a courier to collect your faulty Hard Disk Drive, RAID Server System, NAS System or Storage Device or you can drop-off at one of many local offices or shop locations. On arrival at our Service Centre your device or system will be diagnosed, the fault identified and a best possible time estimate of repair and recovery provided.

Once you agree to our work schedule and cost estimate, your hard disk is repaired, data structures restored, raw data extracted and repaired and file listings prepared for examination. Files are then transferred to your preferred return media, external hard drive etc ready for immediate dispatch.

Datlabs Recovery Process and Prices.

We offer REALISTICALLY PRICED,  efficient   services and time scales to suit your needs and budget. Our customer service team will keep you updated during the work schedule and will be available to talk you through our data recovery service as it progresses.

For paticular areas and circumstances we offer on-site support services. Trained technicians with specialist equipment can be deployed to any corporate or enterprise emergency situation.

For answers to some of our customers’ most common questions, visit our FAQ's and Data Recovery Guide page, or send us an email at help@datlabs.co.uk.

Datlabs Technical Expertise.

Over our 12-year history, we have valued and invested in our people. We benefit from investment in research and development and we have a long-standing relationship with the University of Manchester Department of Computer Sciences. Manchester University invented the first "Winchester" data storage hard disk drive and assists major manufacturers to this day in the development of emerging technologies. We also have close relationships with the major manufacturers and storage system suppliers, notably Seagate. These relationships and developments mean we are the industry supplier of choice to many major businesses and public sector organisations. Our team is consistently successful in undertaking RAID Server data recovery and hard drive rebuild and data recovery work.

Datlabs Management Team.

Datlabs Senior Management team have many years experience in the IT and computer networks industry. Our technical team are mostly postgraduate engineers qualified in IT, Data Recovery and Computer Forensics and as an organisation we pride ourselves in our commitment to Customer Service.

"We say what We do and We do what We say"

This commitment means you are getting a no nonsense, competively priced, professional service.


Data Recovery Labs and Workshops .

We have full ISO 5 certification at our secure, state-of-the-art, clean air laboratory and ESD-compliant electronic workshop. We use the latest tools and equipment, including digital analysers, high-speed digitisers, samplers and data acquisition systems with specialist test and repair solutions specifically matched to hard drive data recovery and RAID server data recovery technology.

Datlabs No-Nonsense Customer Services.

Whether your data has a commercial or sentimental value, we have the experience and facilities needed to get your data back, and we’re committed to delivering a no-nonsense, competitively priced, professional service to every customer.

Data Recovery from Windows, Apple and Linux

Data Recovery Research and Development.

Data storage is one of the fastest developing areas of technology in the modern world. Hard drive manufacturers like Seagate ship circa a billion units every year, and it is estimated that a churn of 80% occurs every three years. There is also a continuing and exponential increase in applications for such devices, fuelled by the availability and adoption of tablets, NAS, camcorders, cameras, CCTV systems etc. Here at Datlabs, we keep pace with the latest industry developments in order to provide you with the professional service you require.

Here at Datlabs we need to keep pace with industry developments in order to provide you with the professional and responsible service that recognises the high value, commercial or sentimental of your lost data. In our industry there are many internet advertisers but few who have the necessary experience and facilities to deal professionally with the full range of problems evident in failed hard disk storage devices and systems. Professional companies such as ourselves need to invest in R&D in order to meet YOUR expectations . We hope that our customers recognise that the real value of our service is in the quality of service and expertise that we bring to resolving your difficulties and recovering and returning your valuable data to you.

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Computer, Internet & CCTV Forensic Investigations.

Datlabs have a 12 year history of providing computer forensic services. Our expertise and experience has developed during this time in line with the explosive growth in the use of computers, data storage, mobile phones and CCTV systems. For reasons of integrity and security we "ring fence" our forensic operations, All matters being dealt with on a project basis under contract. ACPO guidelines are accounted for in our processes and procedures and all cases are dealt with under strict confidentiality.

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